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The first book in the Dystopia Series.

541d88_b4e667518d97417d85559c13d856d3f3~mv2Follow the action as Destiny & Matt, along with their small group, struggle to maintain some semblance of routine while the world around them spirals into chaos. With limited resources, some knowledge and skills they find that they are somewhat removed from the worst of things. Our group manages through each day until the world’s troubles come to their very home and it is soon apparent that they must adapt and improvise. Watch as they make do and work together to reconcile the reality of this new life. Working together with ingenuity and compromise they begin to overcome many threats that challenge their very survival. It soon becomes apparent that something just doesn’t fit about the Ebola and Isis news. When the financial crisis grinds society to a halt and changes their way of life, they find themselves at the heart of a war they did not intend and an unlikely enemy bent on their destruction. Enjoy their humor as they bring a lighthearted perspective to a very dark time.
D. J. Cooper’s first novel and the first book in the Dystopia series offers a different view of things that could be, how these events could shape what might be and give hope for what can be. Written for those of us who are somewhat prepared to handle what may come but are like most of us who just make it day to day, they do not have unlimited resources or knowledge and improvise as each challenge arises. A story of today, in our current world of uncertainty, anything could go wrong and bring our way of life to an end.


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4157r8Ub0hL._SY346_It was September 11th and almost too quiet, making it an eerie air that hung on the day. John thought Matt was overreacting when he said “Leave New England you need to come to our Kentucky retreat.”
The banks on holiday and riots spilling out of the cities, coming too close for comfort. The decision to leave was glaringly obvious. John and Amy knew Matt and Dez would have a place for them, as they gathered their small group and began a journey they would never forget. Imagine the stress of such a journey, compounded with betrayl within their own party.
Second in the Dystopia Series of post apocalyptic novels by DJ Cooper.








More in the series, a Character Novel is Book III

6144Nky79oLRita is plunged into a river, battered and drowning. Her son in the grips of the very madwoman who did this to her and no memory of her past. How can she survive?

Stumbling into a refugee camp thinking she is saved, her supposed saviors only seek the information locked in a memory forgotten. Stronger than she thought she could be, determined to reach her son, the secrets of the Reset are revealed.

Those who thought her long dead, find revelation in her emergence and betrayal in their midst.